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When I read the headline “Men Complain Quality Women Are Becoming Scarer” in the Kyiv Post I thought it was a hoot because it wasn’t anything like my impressions of the hundreds of Ukrainian I have had the privilege to teach, get to know personally and with whom I associate. My students are the cream of the crop. They are the ones who will remake Ukraine.  They are far from being shallow like those in the article.


I suppose I am too old fashion to understand the hormones of today’s youth and all the pressure they are under when they fly in to Kyiv on business or pleasure looking for that ideal woman or man to bed before returning home with stories to tell their friends about the joys of easy sex they had while in the city.

I find it hilarious when I see and hear foreign men as they are on the make performing the ritual peacock dance to impress and save poor lovely lonely Ukrainian ladies with their charm and money.  Maybe the author will write a sequel, “Ukrainian Women Complain How the Quality of Foreign Men have Decreased.”

As I said, I am probably too old fashion to understand life because being an uncommon soul I didn’t go looking for love in all the wrong places to find a keeper. My wife is truly extraordinary.  She is the main reason life is good and everything is possible!

Happy Valentines dear!

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